Avec la
collaboration de
Life, Natura 2000, cnrs, UPVD, Universica di Corsica
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The Project

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  • The LIFE + “SUBLIMO”program aim to analyze , monitor and reduce the loss of marine biodiversity.To understand the issues of the project, it is important to know the life cycle of fish.

    The life cycle of Fish

    Analyze biodiversity post-larval stage: this is a critical phase in the life cycle of fish, with a mortality rate of over 90%, due to predation and habitat degradation. The innovative technique proposed in the draft is to catch live fish species endangered or overexploited at a post-larval stage.

    Halting the loss of biodiversity by supporting fish populations by rearing post-larvae, shore actions restocking (catch and release individuals) actions.

    Follow the phases of repopulation (for released on micro-habitats) increasing the survival rate of juveniles to maintain or increase the local fish populations.
    The project is thus possible to create a regional dynamic that can breed at European level. This project began on December 1, 2011 and ending April 1, 2015.